Nadine Hickman

PT “Rocks”
SLC supports and encourages Physical Therapy and fitness within our residential community. SLC understands and fosters the importance of physical activity among adults living with developmental disabilities.

After 11 years as a Physical Therapy Aide at SLC, Nadine Hickman instituted a program called “PT Rocks” in order to encourage residents to be physically active and rewards them for doing so.

“PT Rocks” focuses on preserving, developing and restoring physical functionality that may have been lost due to injury, disease, aging, or congenital abnormality. Based on an initial assessment, SLC’s physical therapy department incorporates and individual “PT Rocks” plan which includes therapeutic exercise, physical agents such as heat and cold and most importantly…encouragement.

Areas of focus include:
Improving functional mobility or the ability to move (including bed mobility/transfers and walking
Increasing range of motion (flexibility) and strength
Promoting tissue (wound) healing
Decreasing pain and swelling
Incorporating safety, prevention and education
Promoting fitness and health

Thanks, Nadine, for all you do to keep our family healthy!!

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